Where to Recycle Ink Cartridges?

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 Why recycle ink cartridges?


Recycling used ink cartridges is critical to protecting our environment.


  1. Environmental protection


Discarding waste toner cartridges and ink cartridges is a major cause of pollution. The toner residues and trace heavy metals in toner cartridges are non degradable, and they will not disappear completely even if they are buried underground for 1000 years. Each drop of ink cartridge can pollute 60 cubic meters of water. Furthermore, the plastic and general materials clog up our landfills instead of being put to use in homes and offices around the country. This is why it's important to recycle your cartridges instead of throwing them into the trash.


  1. Make full use of limited resources


The fact that resources are limited is certain. Although our resources have not yet been depleted, we are rapidly moving towards this fate. Waste of resources is a major drawback on the road of sustainable development. Recycling is an important way to halt this and ensure the full utilization of finite resources. By sending your cartridges to us, you ensure that we make full use of the entire cartridge to restore it to working condition and offer a cost effective printing solution to a fellow American.


Recycle empty cartridges for money



You will not only feel great about helping to save our planet for future generation, but you will also earn some money for your good deeds. In other words, you will be green and make green :)

Our site now has a simple process where you can recycle ink cartridges without any hassle.

All you need to do is go there and follow the simple steps that take you through the entire process.

In just a few minutes you will be ready to ship your cartridges to us (free shipping) and be on your way to doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Depending on the model of your cartridges, you can earn between $1 and $3 (paid via Amazon Gift Card) for each that you send to us!

The more you can collect and send us then the more you will earn. So, collect all your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same and earn together! We are doing our best to spread the word about this exciting new program and we would appreciate it if you could help us out as well.


Using your Gift Card

You can apply the gift card to your Amazon account through the following steps:


-Locate the claim code.


-Go to your Account.


-Click Apply a gift card to your account.


-Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Balance.


Note: you can also enter your claim code during checkout


Thank you again for joining our ink cartridge recycling program!


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