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Where to Recycle Ink Cartridges?

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Why recycle ink cartridges?

Recycling used ink cartridges is critical to the environment.

1. Environmental protection

Discarding waste toner cartridges and ink cartridges will seriously pollute the soil. The toner residues and trace heavy metals in toner cartridges are non degradable, and they will not disappear completely even if they are buried underground for 1000 years. Each drop of ink cartridge can pollute 60 cubic meters of water. Recycling is the best measure to solve the waste of resources and environmental protection, which is of great significance to environmental protection!

2. Make full use of resources

The fact that resources are limited is certain. Although the shortage of resources will not happen now, it will certainly happen in the future. Waste of resources is a major drawback on the road of sustainable development. Recycling is an important way to ensure the full utilization of resources. In order to solve these problems of office supplies, we plan to recycle the empty shell, maximize the utilization through secondary manufacturing, and contribute to the society.

Recycle empty cartridges for cash

Shell recycling website:https://www.ezink123.com/pages/recycle-selection

Recycling is good, but it's better to get a little benefit from your good deeds!

It's always great when you can save money, now you know how to save money and make money with used ink and toner cartridges!

Our site has a simple process where you can recycle ink cartridges without having to go into the store or spend a lot of time collecting ink cartridges for fundraisers.

If you just want to discard some ink cartridges, you can do it here and give them some change.

You can sell the most commonly used ink cartridges here for between $1 and $3.

All you need to do is search the site for a specific cartridge, print a free shipping label, and send it out.

Our site accepts more than two empty shells free of freight, so it's best to gather a bunch of friends and family together to share the profits.

You can get a quote through the website before sending anything.

Then, if you accept the quotation and select the empty shell model to be returned, the free shipping label will be automatically generated after the order is submitted. All you need to do is print the label and stick it to the empty OEM cartridge on your package. And send it out.

After receiving the goods, we will send you the Amazon Gift Card.

Gift cards can be used on Amazon website after you exchange them into your Amazon account.

You can apply the gift card to your Amazon account through the following steps:

-Locate the claim code.

-Go to your Account.

-Click Apply a gift card to your account.

-Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Balance.

Note: you can also enter your claim code during checkout

Thank you again for joining our ink cartridge recycling program!

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